In performing the work, the agency is obliged to act conscientiously and honestly and in accordance with good customs to build trust, protecting the interests of the client and other parties and to act impartially in order to carry out the work, taking into account the dignity of the mediation call.
In order to protect the interests of the real estate brokerage agency, as well as the clients themselves, brokerage agreements with buyers and sellers must be in writing.

The contract on mediation with the Buyer is signed before the real estate inspection, in the agency "MARKO POLO". A buyer who refuses to enter into a brokerage contract before inspecting the property will not be allowed to inspect the property.
The brokerage agreement with the Seller is signed after inspecting the property offered for sale, and after the seller presents to the agency all the necessary documentation necessary for the realization of the sale.

The mediation agreement must contain in particular:

  • data on the principal;
  • agency information;
  • information on the type and essential content of the work for which the agency mediates;
  • the amount of the mediation fee.

In implementing contractual obligations, the Agency shall in particular:

  • try to find and bring in contact with the client a person in order to conclude the mediated deal;
  • give an opinion on the market value of the property and acquaint the client with it;
  • warn the principal of defects in the property;
  • perform control of documents required for the validity of the mediated work;
  • inspect the documents proving the ownership of the real estate in question and warn the client of obvious deficiencies in the documents;
  • to acquaint the client with all legal, tax and other obligations arising for him from the legal transaction regarding the real estate in question;
  • perform the necessary actions for the presentation of real estate on the market, advertise the property in an appropriate manner, as well as perform all other actions agreed in the contract on real estate brokerage that exceed the usual presentation, and for which he is entitled to special, pre-specified costs;
  • enable real estate inspection;
  • mediate in negotiations and strive to conclude a contract, if he has specifically undertaken to do so;
  • to keep personal data of the client, and other data on the order of the client as a business secret;
  • inform the client of all circumstances relevant to the intended work that are known to him or must be known to him.

It is considered that the agency has enabled the client to communicate with another person to negotiate the conclusion of a brokered deal, if the client is allowed to contact another person (natural or legal) with whom he negotiated to conclude a legal deal, especially if:

  • directly took or instructed the principal or a third party to inspect the real estate in question;
  • organized a meeting between the principal and the other contracting person to negotiate a legal transaction;
  • communicated to the principal the name, telephone number, fax number of another person authorized to enter into a legal entity

An agency may not mediate for real estate that has not been inspected by its representative and has entered into a mediation agreement with the owner of that real estate, except in cases where several agencies work together.
Without an agreement with the owner of the property, the agency may not refer the parties to a tour of the property!

The mediation agency is entitled to a mediation fee (hereinafter: the fee).
The commission is charged as a percentage of the total amount of the purchase price achieved after the conclusion of the Pre-Agreement, from the seller, 2-4%, unless the parties have agreed on a different fee.

The Agency is obliged to charge a fee determined by the mediation contract for its work.
It is not allowed to obtain jobs by offering mediation services without charging a brokerage fee.

Rent: The commission is charged from the landlord (lessor) and is 100% of the amount of one monthly rent-lease (one-time) for rent or lease for a period of 1 -5 years. For shorter or longer periods, the price is negotiated depending on the complexity of the intermediary work.

Agencies are obliged to respect fundamental ethical principles, which excludes actions that could harm other agencies, in particular:

  • presenting false business data in order to obtain business and clients,
  • disparagement of other agencies in any way, in order to obtain jobs and parties,
  • unrealistic real estate appraisals in order to obtain intermediary jobs and exclude other agencies from the market,
  • appearing in the media with the intention of personal promotion, to the detriment of other agencies.

If one agency concludes a brokerage agreement and takes the interested party for a tour of the property, and the agreement between the parties is concluded through the mediation of another agency, the brokerage fee will be paid to the first agency, unless the agencies agree otherwise.

The fee is charged at the time of signing the contract or pre-contract for the purchase or exchange of real estate, or upon receipt of the down payment with the signature.
The Agency may exceptionally represent and conclude a mediated contract in the name and on behalf of the principal, only if the principal has issued a special power of attorney.
If the party itself offers the agency a fee higher than agreed, the mediator may receive such a fee, but provided that it is not in obvious disproportion to his services, the outcome of his work and the financial situation of the party.
The Agency may contract the right to reimbursement of expenses necessary for the execution of the order and request that funds be paid in advance for certain expenses.
In the case of mediation, in which the client party alone or through a third party found an interested person, the agency may, in accordance with its conscience, charge the actual costs incurred in connection with the business in question.